We are a young recently founded group of 25: the borderless collective.

Most of us are active in anti-racist and antifascist Groups for many years now and have been working in assistance for migrants and refugees. Still the escalation of the situation at the Greece-Turkey border on the river Evros as well as on the aegen islands leaves us speechless. To escape the shock we came together promptly to do something about it. However much the Greece government must be criticized for it’s methods in particular the EU and also Germany carry a great deal of the responsibility for the situation there. Therefore our assisstence must be unlimited solidary!

Specifically: Support structures that have been build over the years on the Islands, especially Lesvos, Chios und Samos are destroyed through governmental criminalization, fascist attacks on activists and buildings, the suspension of the right of asylum and insufficient corona prevention. We can’t just stand back and watch! Those structures are the only ones still holding up the provision of basic care like cooking, giving out clothing, education or medical care. With those structures also 

With them knowledge, local contacts, trust and political work are threatened which will be hard to rebuild once destroyed. For now it’s uncertain how those groups will continue to work when the restrictions due to the coronavirus will be lifted and hopefully the safety of those involved will be ensured again. Until then we want to provide practical support by collecting donations in kind and money which are badly needed right now especially for the protection from and the treatment of Covid-19.

To do so we are in contact with several groups on site that are already reporting supply shortages of basic medical equipment. Of course these short-term measures wont be sufficient. 

We fully support the claims to immidiatly evacuate the islands which e.g. “Médecins Sans Frontières” are demanding. To emphasise this we are trying to put politicians under pressure and to connect with other groups to gain more public influence. Additionally our media group is working on a public campaign which will include social media, podcasts and print media. We are currently working on developing creative forms of protest which adapt to the current situation of social distancing and still make participatory protest possible.

We are planning on sending a convoy which will bring donations and important infrastructure like sockets and WiFi as soon as the traveling restrictions are lifted. This will also serve the communication and networking with groups along the Balkan Routes and in Greece.

Before the outbreak of Corona in Germany and most parts of the EU there was a lot of media attention brought to the illegal border policies of the EU and the disastrous situation on the aegean islands. This focus should’nt be abandoned especially in the light of isolationist policies recently adopted by european countries. Expressions of solidarity should reach beyond neighbourhood and extend to the most vulnerable. Seemingly no government takes responsibility or preventive health measurements for them.

In spite of Corona-isolation and crisis we like to strike the demonstrations which succeed in different European cities before the virus policies. We try to put pressure on politicians and connect with other groups. Our media group is working on an official campaign and supports already existing requests. We are developing creative forms of protest which works despite of social distancing. 

As soon as the restrictions of traveling are abrogated we plan the convoy which takes donations and needed infrastructure. This will happen in agreement and exchange with local groups which are already working there.