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The Mediterranean border – a symbol of lack of political will, incapacity and the instrumentalization of migration for political purposes in the EU

The EU’s response to the humanitarian crisis at the Mediterranean border has led to multiple violations against human rights, which allegedly resulted from its migration policies.
Thousands of people seeking refuge have died as a direct consequence of the externalisation if its migration policies. The EU is discarding responsibly by keeping immigration management outside of EU Borders. Instead, it is focusing on stricter internal security, strengthening of the borders and the expulsion of irregular migrants and asylum seekers.

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, the situation at the borders has worsened. The pandemic is being used as an excuse by EU – politicians to close borders for refugees, even though regular water-traffic is still going. This trend of complicating and disabling people from seeking asylum is not just happening at the EU- borders but also in other countries such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The COVID 19 pandemic has caused governments to close offices that normally dealt with asylum applications, says Judith Sunderland, deputy director of Human Rights Watch in Europe and Central Asia. For the refugees and migrants who are already in Europe, it is very difficult to get health care. Many live in overcrowded reception centers.


We are a solidarity collective that has founded itself recently through the shared idea of supporting the needs and infrastructure on the Greek – Turkish border.

Our initial plan was to start a convoy to Greece in direct support of refugees on the border. Unfortunately, this couldn’t happen due to the Corona pandemic. This is why we are now focusing on indirect support which mainly consists of raising money, collecting donations and social media networking.

Apart from that, we are also participating in protests and actions that represent our political views and are held in support of people directly affected by the failure of EU migration politics.

On the weekends, we are selling food and drinks on a donation basis. Half of the money we are collecting goes directly to the “solidarische Initiative für politische kurdische Geflüchtete”. The other half is to finance our project Solar-Car.


Please contact us if you have questions, comments, proposals.
borderlesscollective@systemli.org (general)
borderlesscollective-press@systemli.org (mediagroup)

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